$ curl          # current location
    $ curl      # weather in the Munic airport

Supported location types:

    /paris                  # city name
    /muc                    # airport code (3 letters)
    /     # domain name
    /94107                  # area codes

Special locations:

    /moon                   # Moon phase (add ,+US or ,+France for these cities)


    ?m                      # metric (SI) (used by default everywhere except US)
    ?u                      # USCS (used by default in US)


    $ curl
    $ curl -H "Accept-Language: fr"

Supported languages:

    bg cs da de el es fi fr hi hu it ja jv mk ml nl pt pl ro ru sk sr sv sw tr uk zu (supported)
    hi ko zh (in progress)

Special URLs:

    /:help                  # show this page
    /:bash.function         # show recommended bash function wttr()
    /:translation           # show the information about the translators